"At the crossroads of innovation and sustainability lies the power to transform an industry and eliminate environmental externalities."



Countless consumer goods are dependent on finite supplies of non-renewable fossil fuels


Innovation is required to shift our dependence to renewable sources of raw materials to ensure a sustainable future

"Attis Innovations leverages its ability to source low cost renewable feedstocks with proprietary conversion technology to produce high performance, sustainable materials for everyday products."


Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is at the forefront of our mission and this is why Attis Innovations focuses on multiple feedstock streams ranging from biomass to recycled materials.


Low Cost Processing

Attis Innovations’ strength is its ability to innovate and develop technologies with the goal of reducing processing costs and manufacturing products that are better for the environment while still meeting demanding performance standards.

Higher Quality Materials

When Attis Innovations pairs its multi-feedstock approach with innovative, low cost processing, the result is a myriad of high quality products that have the ability to enact transformative change across multiple industries.


Through its pilot plant services, Attis Innovations has the ability to take virtually any form of biomass and separate the material into its various components. After separation, these components can then be converted and repurposed into high value materials.


Developing Every Day Products from Sustainable Sources