Tasked with the goal of evaluating and developing sustainable technologies, Attis is focused on advanced methods of processing rapidly renewable plant-based energy crops and otherwise low value agricultural byproducts. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, more than one billion tons of these materials can be harvested annually from the United States without having negative impacts on the domestic food crops supply. On a global perspective, this volume is considerably larger and Attis is focused on providing best-in-class biomass processing technology to compete against materials produced from fossil fuels.

Using low cost, rapidly renewable biomass and agricultural byproducts as feedstocks, Attis is able to introduce incredible cost-out solutions for a variety of applications while also maintaining or adding performance in the final product.

Targeted applications include:

  • Bioplastics (Durable and Biodegradable)
  • Building and Construction
  • Adhesives
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Green Chemicals
  • Cellulosic Sugars
  • Specialty Pulp Fibers

The process by which Attis qualifies certain opportunities is heavily dependent on the performance needs of the end product. Attis offers its prospective customers and partners evaluation services to qualify feedstocks for commercial processing.

Sustainability is also a priority for many brand owners, and Attis has positioned itself at the forefront of renewable feedstocks for use in a multitude of industries.