Attis has the ability to take in virtually any form of biomass and separate the material into its various components (cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose). After separation, Attis then converts and repurposes these components into high value materials such as bioplastics, adhesives, fuels, pulp fibers and green chemicals.

Attis’ goal is to generate as much as two times the revenue per unit of biomass than those process pathways that precede it and to do so at a small and cost-effective scale to minimize capital requirements and to open the door to a considerably larger number of feedstock opportunities.

Attis offers its pilot plant services to evaluate various sources of biomass for those who seek to create more value from these materials. A two-ton sample is generally large enough for the initial evaluation testing phase.

Below is a sample list of feedstocks of interest to Attis. The list is not intended to be limiting as there are hundreds of thousands of biomass feedstocks that contain cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose and are suitable for Attis processing methods.